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I was in fact an atheist for a long long time, since the age of 12, yet i always hated going to the church. So whats changed since then ?

its all cool, until one starts to wonder whats next and then hears about for example, particle physics and from there on you kinda go back to questioning, but what caused the big bang, what ever big bang was we were all part of it at one point on atomic level. One is ignorant to believe in the “only human”. Lets look at what human might mean, Hu is the deification of the first word, the word of creation from the Egyptian mythology. You probably know what man part is suppose to mean. Mythology is just a metaphor and whats hidden inside? you think all the guys from the Greek mythology, OLIMP where really gods? Do we co create the reality ?

No offence, but ignorant is the worst state of mind.


So now chill out and think.

With me :)

The Free flow show and YouTube entertainment


On twitch i stream games,

on youtube i post videos about anything and everything i feel like

hence the name The Free Flow Show – my gaming channel.

“no single thing is perfect by itself. That’s why we’re born to attract other things to make up for what we lack. I think we start walking in the right only after we start getting our counterparts beside us”

Im starting getting i to kind of more hip hop genre, as i think its a bit harder than just writing, as long as there is somethig meaningful to convey.
So here is my lastest,


Hip – hop, stands for,
hypnosis induced patient – hipnotims on paper, couldnt be any greater , jack the ripper, triplekill , now lets dig deeper, deeper still.

See my rap like hypnotism, im the hypnotist and after im finished, you get sclerosis, dont worry the next step is methamorphosis.

Introduction by induction, my illusion, the will transfusion, destruction and seduction, malafunction – of your soul yo,
Frustration of the entire nation, fuck you, this is my creation, i dont care, sign me up for an operation, but opening my skull, only causes more devastation.

be quiet,
See, before stagnation but now you’ve  come to the realisation,
We’re all one, fuck the singular nations. Come here, each and everyone, lets go trough this transformation, fuck earths privatisation.

Our planet isnt dying but it is crying, listen closely, stop denying.

The lamentation you hear must force you into recognition of your mission, fuck the bishops and the pope as long as they say ” pray”. The truth is we are all G.O.D. yes even you. O.M.G. 
See what they tryin to do, is to make millions off you.
They act predator and say,
You must be , and ‘prey’.
Pls give us some money, honey, 
The rubber is devils invention,
A fucking method of pregnancy prevention.
So next time you want to get it on, try without a comdom on.

Hi my name is H.I.V. , 
Lay down,
And make love to me.
Dont be silly, unwrap your willy, its cool and about to get chilly.
Ooooo, so you met my ex, as you might notice she likes group sex,
Getting it on with strangers,
Diseases! Danger! Call the power rangers!

Back to the start, see you were born with unlimited potential, possibilities, no responsibilities, the result Of unification, your parents propagation, love or mistake manifestation, God’s purest creation, to then get fucked up by the nation,
and here i am, to commit the crime of clarification of the situation.
THERE’s only one god, 
its sign is pigeon,
it brings peace and has no religion !

Do you want to have something no one else has ?
Be yourself, be free, no point on pretending, do not give up, create yourself, dont try to blend in, keep on defendin’ what you belive in, even if it means prison, torture and bleeding, this is who you are, show them there is no kiddin’ !
Do so until,
Your legs can’t walk,
your lips can’t talk,
your lungs stop breatin’,
and your heart stops beatin’.

Then you shall be remembered, as well as the guy that was bron at the end of december.

Drop the sheep mentality, no one needs a shepherd unless you’re a fucking retard,
if its so, its not your fault, its brainwash done by, the O’cult.
Reroll and rewind,
im the guy curing the blind, turning water into wine,
making the cripple run, letting the people have all kinds of fun.

If you think im crazy, it means i must quit talking to the carrots,
go feed off those fables,
you may think im edgy but ima call you ‘veggie’.